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MCPIL is a launcher for Minecraft Pi and MCPI-Reborn, created and maintained by MCPI-Revival.
[[File:NEw mcpil logo.png|thumb|76x76px|MCPIL logo]]
MCPIL is a launcher for Minecraft Pi by MCPI-Revival.
{{Infobox project
| image = [[File:Crazy MCPIL logo-R.png|thumb96x96px|Strange MCPIL-R logo]]
| license = GPLv2.0
| source = [https://github.com/MCPI-Revival/MCPIL GitHub]
== Old Launcher (MCPIL-Legacy) ==
[[File:Crazy MCPIL logo.png|thumb|Strange MCPIL logo]]
The original Launcher started as the main project of MCPI-Revival (in that time MCPI-Devs) project, featuring various projects such as [[ModPi]] and the multiplayer proxy,<ref>[https://github.com/MCPI-Revival/proxy @MCPI-Revival/proxy]</ref> but when [[MCPI-Reborn]] (in that time MCPI-Docker) was created, the project tried to be compatible with it, resulting in a fragile ''"works on my machine"'' program. After an hiatus, the project was abandoned. It was officially deprecated after after the MCPIL-R release.
{| class="wikitable"
|Abandoned pre-release
|Major Release
|Initial Release.
[[File:A leak of MCPIL 0.1.9.png|alt=A picture of MCPIL 0.1.9|thumb|226x226px|A leaked image by LEHAtupointow. Notice the 2 features added: the splash and the Appearance tab]]
[[File:A second leak for MCPIL 0.1.9.png|thumb|225x225px|Another leak by LEHAtupointow. This time it has fonts]]
=== Developers ===
== Trivia ==
* There is currently no "World settings" tab.
* LEHAtupointow has mentioned on [[Discord]]<ref>https://discord.com/channels/740287937727561779/785960809502736396/808885271600824340</ref> that he added another easter egg to the launcher, this time in "About" tab.
* There might be 2 or more easter eggs implemented.
== See also ==
[[MCPIL Easter Eggs]]
[[MCPIL Pro]]
[[MCPIL Server]]
== References ==
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